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Spring Budget 2017

goverment boxPhilip Hammond delivered his final Spring Budget today – in future the Budget will be given in the Autumn.

The main points arising from the budget are:

  • Making Tax Digital will be deferred for landlords and unincorporated businesses with turnover below the VAT threshold, for a period of 12 months. There is however no change in the ultimate threshold at which MTD will apply, this remains at £10,000. Making Tax Digital will therefore apply for everyone below the VAT threshold from April 2019. With a gross turnover level set at £10,000, just about everyone will be caught by it.
  • NIC contributions for the self-employed will increase from April 2018, from the current level of 9% to 10%, and 11% the year after. Class 2 NIC will be abolished at the same time. The Chancellor has announced that this is to address the inbalance that the self-employed enjoy over the employed – ignoring the fact that the self-employed enjoy none of the benefits that employees enjoy, such as paid holiday, etc.
  • The Dividend Tax 0% band, orginally set at £5,000, will be drastically reduced from April 2018 to just £2,000. There has been concern raised by Professional Bodies that this will be reduced further or even abolished. The cost of this to basic rate taxpayers will be £225 per annum.

The announcements made today will, for the most part, not take place until April next year.

The Personal Allowance for 2017-18 was set in the 2016 budget at £11,500, with the basic rate band covering income up to £33,500. Therefore the higher rate threshold is £45,000.

I will be sending out Budget booklets to my clients at the weekend.

Contact me to make an appointment to discuss what the Budget might mean for you.


UPDATE: On the 15th March Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that the NIC Contribution rates for the self-employed will NOT be increased, remaining at 9%.

Making Tax Digital

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Making Tax Digital – The end of the Tax Return

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Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline!

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Changes to Class 2 National Insurance Contributions

Changes have been made to the way Class 2 National Insurance Contributions are collected. Until now, contributions have been collected either by direct debit, or by six monthly demands. However, if you are dealt with under Self Assessment and complete the Self-Employment or Partnership pages, with effect from the 12th April 2015 Class 2 NICContinue Reading

Budget 2015 – The End of the Tax Return

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Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline!

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