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Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline!

Tax return 2015

Tax return 2015

It’s December, Christmas is just 3 weeks away, the last thing on your mind is probably your tax return.

BUT, the deadline for filing your Tax Return is also only 8 weeks away, that’s not very long at all!

If you fail to submit your Return by the 31st January, you will be liable for a £100 penalty. If you are in a partnership, you will also be liable for a £100 fine on the Partnership Tax Return, applying to each and every Partner!

Any Tax you owe is also due for payment by the 31st January. Interest will accrue on any late payment.

If you have not already taken steps to ensure your Return is filed on time, it is not too late. Contact me now for help and advice on completing your Return and ensuring you do not suffer penalties and interest charges. Click on the contact link or call me on the above number.

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